The work of The Opportunity Institute cuts across issue silos to address the complex barriers to social mobility at critical junctures in people’s lives. We focus broadly on educational opportunities, beginning with infant and toddler development and continuing to PreK through grade 12 schooling, higher education completion, pathways out of incarceration, and into early career and family support. Our projects include Partners for Each and Every ChildRenewing CommunitiesScience of Learning and Development, and Just Equations.


Partners for Each and Every Child

Our education system must deliver excellence and equity effectively, everywhere, for everyone. Focused on Pre-K through 12 education, this project aims to ensure that our education systems improve student outcomes by building and supporting a collaborative, multi-sector community network with this shared goal.

Renewing Communities

Millions of people, more than half of whom are parents of minor children, have been ensnared in our criminal justice system. All deserve a chance to succeed. This project works to repair the damage wrought by mass incarceration by building pathways from corrections to college, career entry, and family security.

Science of Learning and Development

To better utilize new scientific knowledge about how children grow and learn, this project will work to elevate the science of learning and development as a key driver of system transformation in education policy and practice, advancing deep personalization of learning and the learning experience to support all students in achieving their full potential.

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