Whole Child Equity

A child’s adverse experiences — especially chronic stress — play a big part in their social, emotional, academic, and health outcomes. Science now makes clear that a child-centered transformation of instructional and social and emotional learning (SEL) practices require tailored responses to the circumstances of individual children and youth. And those responses cannot come entirely from schools or school budgets.

The Opportunity Institute is helping children of color and children who are economically disadvantaged overcome these obstacles. We build ladders of success by supporting policies and practices that advance whole child equity, intervention services, and trauma-informed care.  

Applying recent advances in child development and brain sciences is essential to improving education outcomes — both academic and social emotional — for children of color and children who are economically disadvantaged, who are most vulnerable to the failures of schools and “adjacent” child-serving agencies. With new knowledge about both science and practice, public policy can take this transformation to scale.

This work is built off of our former Science of Learning and Development project.