Quantitative Leap Webinar Series

The Quantitative Leap! webinar series hosted by The Opportunity Institute and LearningWorks explores how mathematics policies can support the transition from high school to college.

Mathematics sequences in high school and college are a key hurdle for students seeking to attend and complete a postsecondary degree or credential. The four-part series highlights three strategies for strengthening the transition from high school to college and making sure that math requirements don't constitute arbitrary barriers to academic progress:

  1. Quantitative reasoning expectations: Ensure that math requirements for college readiness and graduation are evidence-based, well-aligned with students' programs of study, and reasonably consistent across educational segments (Webinar 1)

  2. Evidence-based placement practices: Rely on evidence to ensure the validity and efficacy of the placement measures used to determine students' readiness for college-level quantitative reasoning courses (Webinar 2)

  3. Opportunities to prepare: Provide all high school students opportunities to prepare for college-level work and avoid the need for remedial courses in college, especially by leveraging the senior-year of high school (Webinars 3 and 4)

Listen to recordings or download slides from the webinars below.

Webinar 1: A Gateway to College: Rethinking Postsecondary Mathematics

Webinar 2: Improving the Targeting of Treatment: Emerging Research on Postsecondary Math Placement Policies

Webinar 3: High School Math Course-Taking and College Readiness

Webinar 4: Seizing Twelfth Grade to Improve Math Readiness: Senior-Year Transition Courses

The Quantitative Leap! Series is an outgrowth of the Quantitative Leap policy brief by webinar series host and The Opportunity Institute Fellow Pamela Burdman. The brief and webinar series have been supported by the Irvine Foundation, College Futures Foundation, and the California Education Policy Fund.

The Opportunity Institute is a non-profit organization that promotes social mobility and equity by improving outcomes from early childhood through early career. We focus on education and the related social policies that make true educational opportunity possible.

LearningWorks is an Oakland-based partnership that aims to strengthen student achievement in community colleges by facilitating, disseminating, and funding practitioner-informed recommendations for changes at the system and classroom levels, as well as infusing these strategies with statewide and national insights.