San Francisco Predictable Scheduling & Fair Treatment for Formula Retail Employees Ordinance

by Hong Van Pham, Sarah Crow, Next Generation, Julia Parish, Sharon Terman, LAS-ELC, Legal Aid Society – Employment Law Center | Strong Families & Early Learning

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Summary of the Ordinance

Economic and labor force changes since the Great Recession of 2007 have changed the way many American workers support themselves and their families. Today, Americans who would prefer full-time stable work are more likely to work in part-time jobs, and have little control over their work schedules. As employers seek new ways to maximize scheduling efficiency and profit, worker advocate groups have raised concerns about the implications of these scheduling practices on the lives of employees.

This issue brief highlights some of the research on the growth of unstable work schedules, and describes the provisions of recently introduced legislation in San Francisco that seeks to increase predictable scheduling among certain retail and food service workers. San Francisco’s is the first such legislation to be introduced at the local level in the nation.