Partners for Each and Every Child

Partners for Each and Every Child provides a critical piece of the infrastructure necessary for building a broad, collaborative, multi-sector community with a shared vision of excellence for each and every child at its core.

Our approach, recommended by the national Equity and Excellence Commission (2013), identifies the five “Clusters,” that together advance a more nuanced understanding of educational institutions and learning. Most important, each recommendation has opportunity as its evident purpose, and fairness as its performance standard.

A well-staffed network connects and supports our equity communities (Hubs) as they interact across issues and regions, sharing ideas, resources and strategies. The model, providing infrastructure for new and pre-existing hubs, and the lively connections between them, will encourage a growing portion of the change community to move forward together and align with comprehensive, evidence-based policy strategies.

Learn more at partnersforeachandeverychild.org.


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