"It’s not enough — given the tremendous challenges that our communities are facing — to just have examples of success.
We need to have systems of success."

A lot of people are thinking about gratitude this time of year. Personally, I'm grateful for a family that taught me the importance of helping —and fighting for — others; the importance of not just caring, but acting. 

That's the vision I had when I co-founded the Opportunity Institute.

One of the central goals of the Opportunity Institute is to build bridges between the world of ideas and the world of action. Another is to take ideas that have a strong basis in research and experience and figure out how to put them in motion at scale … not just a school here or a school there, but really at a scale that serves thousands — indeed millions — of kids and families. 

And we truly couldn't do it without the support from our community, our partners, and our funders. 

Thank you for being part of our first three years of building ladders of success.

Thank you for helping us put ideas into action to help advance economic mobility, equity, and racial justice.

Together, we’re giving young people the opportunity to live their happiest and healthiest lives.

Your support ensures that young people across the country who are underserved and overlooked by the education system get access to excellent learning.

Your donation helps to advance pragmatic, evidence-based solutions that will combat inequality and build stronger, more equitable ladders to success.

Christopher Edley, Jr. 
Co-Founder and President  

P.S. Watch the video above for more about our vision and how we're building ladders of success for our most vulnerable students.