PreK-12 Equity & Excellence

The P-12 Equity and Excellence Program Area provides infrastructure for new and existing efforts aiming to improve student outcomes through strong policies and practices for students, teachers, schools, families, communities. While the bulk of our activity is encompassed by the Partners for Each and Every Child project described below, we are also building cross-sector strategies and alignment across workforce, higher education, health, and justice.

Partners for Each and Every Child

Partners-for provides a critical piece of the infrastructure necessary for building a broad, collaborative, multi-sector community with a shared vision of excellence for each and every child at its core.

Our approach, recommended by the national Equity and Excellence Commission (2013), identifies the five “Clusters,” that together advance a more nuanced understanding of educational institutions and learning. Most important, each recommendation has opportunity as its evident purpose, and fairness as its performance standard.

A well-staffed network connects and supports our equity communities (Hubs) as they interact across issues and regions, sharing ideas, resources and strategies. The model, providing infrastructure for new and pre-existing hubs, and the lively connections between them, will encourage a growing portion of the change community to move forward together and align with comprehensive, evidence-based policy strategies.

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