Molly Jessica Mauer

Molly is the Senior Vice President for P-12 Equity and Excellence Program Area at The Opportunity Institute and the founder of Partners for Each and Every Child, an education advocacy project with a focus on equity in public schools and breaking down barriers to advance policy and collaboration to the needs of underserved and politically underrepresented students. Partners for is a national network supporting a broad, collaborative, multi-sector community of Partners with a shared vision of excellence for each and every child.

Molly also worked for the Obama Administration at the U.S. Department of Education in the Office for Civil Rights, managing the recent transformation of the Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC), and other equity-focused initiatives. Molly previously worked as the assistant director of data and policy at the Education Trust—West in Oakland, California. Molly holds a B.A. in Education Psychology from Mills College and a M.S. in Education from NYU.